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I’m Jenny Salsberry – The Emotional Freedom Coach, plus I’m a mother, wife, former teacher, social worker, step-parent, ex-wife, sibling to 6 others, and so much more.  I have achieved Emotional Freedom in my life while overcoming my life-long depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and other deeply felt negative beliefs that held me back in life. I can teach you the steps that I took in my life so you too can find peace, happiness and contentment in your life.  cropped-jenny-at-hinks.jpg

With a background in social work (I have an MSW degree from the Jane Adams School of Social Work at the University of Illinois in Chicago), a Master Degree in Elementary Education, a  degree from the School of Hard Knocks, a desire to teach others, and a ton of life experience  (some good, some not so good), I am offering life coaching to women ages 26-56 who are struggling with their emotions.  I use a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique sometimes called “tapping”) and mindset work to help clients gain a different perspective on their life (past and present), to tap into the root of their issue, to destroy old paradigms and get rid of limiting beliefs and begin to heal from deep within their soul.

Why spend years sitting in a therapist’s office and thousands of dollars for those services when you can learn to quickly and easily use EFT and the other strategies I will teach you, right from the comfort of your own home, to heal yourself!?


Please feel free to email me any time at:    jennysalsberryEFC@gmail.com

I ditched the traditional psychotherapy option and empowered myself to heal using my own intuition, trusting in Divine guidance, facing my fears, and learning a lot about myself and my old wounds.  Let me show you how you can do that too!

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What is a Dandelion?

These are 10 of the major life events that cause stress. Have you experienced any of them? I have experienced all of them. Some of them multiple times in my life! Have I shriveled up and died because of them? No. Have I wanted to? Yes, at times I have. Did I make it through them? Yes!